Lil Zip Snack Sticks w/ Jalapenos - Case (BESTBY: 8-19-2025)

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BESTBY: 8-19-2025

30 - 1 oz. Hickory Smoked Snack Sticks per box. These tasty treats come individually wrapped and require no refrigeration.

Lil Zip with Jalapenos

We had been given a sample of a spice pack for jerky and snack sticks. I made a batch of the sticks and really like the flavor, but thought something was missing. After Jeff and I had talked he mentioned that we did not use any other ingredients and maybe this is the right place to try something new. So we went to the spice room searched through box after box to give it that something special when we saw the jalapenos on the shelf we new that was the missing link. Lil Zip snack sticks with jalapenos for a mild kick!

 Lil' Zip Snack Sticks are made with pork and beef.