Original Beef

Available as Snack Sticks and Jerky.

Back in ’77 when we started, one of Dad’s buddies gave us his secret spice recipe—and it’s become our signature. We’ve never changed it. Why mess with perfection?


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Sweet and smoky, our Bar-B-Que snack stick is a summer cookout in every bite.

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Buffalo Chicken

Fact: Everyone loves chicken wings. Fact. They’re super messy. Fact: We don’t back down from a challenge. So we came up with our Buffalo Chicken snack stick—all the savory goodness without the mess.

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Lil Zip With Jalapeños

Put a little kick in your stick. A touch of jalapeño gives this all-natural snack stick “just enough” heat. Ideal for the spice-curious.

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Remember the joys of dunking your breakfast sausage in leftover pancake syrup when you were a kid? Yeah, it’s like that.

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Crave pepperoni pizza 24/7? You’re in luck. Enjoy this classic flavor on the go, on the couch, in your backpack, in your purse. No 3am delivery necessary.

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Addicted to ranch? Who isn’t? We’ve spiced our beef and lean pork snack sticks with our version of America’s #1 dressing flavor.

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Available as Snack Sticks and Jerky.

Self-explanatory. Bursting with southwestern flavor, not for the weak of taste buds.


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Sweet Teriyaki

Available as Snack Sticks and Jerky.

Our top seller. We tested 23 batches of this baby before perfecting the ultimate teriyaki snack. One chomp into this sweet-savory stick and you’ll know why.


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