Welcome to Delicious Profits!

Thrushwood Farms snack sticks are a mouthwatering, good-for-you brand which can help make your fundraising goals come true. Our focus is creating a high quality, value driven snack stick to help ensure positive customer experience and repeat sales. Once you try our product, you will appreciate the rich flavor profiles, vibrant packaging, and quality ingredients only found with our high protein snack sticks. 

    We'll be here to assist with your fundraiser every step of the way by providing you with quality product and guidance on how to make your snack stick fundraising event a huge success! 



    Here's how to get started

    Step 1: Choose your type of fundraiser.

    • Pre-Sale: Fill out order forms, submit one order, distribute to purchasers or have a pickup day.
    • Show & Sell: Order product, sell as you go, re-order as necessary.
    • Or you can do a combination of both.

    Step 2: Create an account

    • Contact Jeff at 309-343-5193 ext. 104 or email at jhhankes@wspartners.com
    • Tax-exempt organizations will be required to submit their certificate with number to our accounting department prior to an account being created.
    • If your organization is not tax-exempt, you will be charged tax on all purchases.

    Step 3: Decide on the flavors and set your price point. 

    • We recommend $1.50 per stick. 
    • We also recommend offering a discount if they purchase a box (30 sticks). 
    • You are not obligated to sell all the flavors we offer. 
    • There are multiple ways to sell them: by the stick; by the box; in groups of 10 or 15. The choice is yours. 

    Step 4: Start selling!

    • For Pre-Sale: Fill out order forms per individual. Order forms can be found here
    • For Show & Sell: Place your order on snackstick.com. Start selling once you receive the product.

    Step 5: Time to order!

    • Minimum order is 1 case. One case consists of 6 boxes of snack sticks. Each box has 30 sticks in it, giving you 180 sticks in a case. You do not have to order the one flavor per case. You can mix and match the flavors within the case. 
    • Pre-Sales: Collect your order forms and money. Go to snackstick.com to create one order with grand totals for each flavor. Submit your payment with your order.
    • Show & Sell: Once you're low on product, re-order as needed.

    Step 6: Distribute

    • Pre-Sales: Once you receive your order, sort by individual and deliver. Or you can schedule a pickup time for people to get their orders. 
    • Show & Sell: Once you receive your re-order, sell and repeat the process. 
    If at any time you have questions about your snack stick fundraiser, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're here for you!